Is it Better to Rekey or Replace the Locks?

Are you concerned about the security of your home? Is the security of your home keeping you up at night?

In the world of locks, the decision between rekeying and replacement could be the key to your peace of mind. 

In this article, we are going to explore whether lock replacement is a good option or lock rekeying. Depending on what is the best solution for your situation, we are going to give you the perfect advice on how to go about with both. 

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details. 

Rekeying Lock vs Lock Change – Understanding the Difference 

Lock rekeying is a process where a locksmith changes the internal pins of a lock so it can become as good as new. The process usually requires precise handwork of a locksmith who opens the lock, changes the internal pins, and makes it work on an entirely new set of keys.

On the contrary, a lock change is when the same professional replaces the existing lock with a brand-new one. The latter option is more expensive compared to the previous, which is lock rekeying.

So, if you’re opting in for a lock change job, you can choose the one that fits your budget or your preference accordingly. 

Rekeying Locks


  • Affordable Upgrade: Rekeying is a budget-friendly way to enhance security, costing between $20 and $60 for basic locks.
  • Quick and Easy: Rekeying is a fast and straightforward process, often taking just 10 minutes.


  • Temporary Fix: Rekeying won’t address wear and tear issues in the lock mechanism; a complete replacement is needed for reliability.
  • Limited Security Features: Rekeying maintains the existing lock, limiting the upgrade possibilities for advanced security features. Homeowners seeking enhanced security options may find this aspect restrictive.

Changing Locks


  • Improved Security: Changing locks can significantly boost home security, offering options like deadbolts, keypads, and smart or biometric locks.
  • Versatility: The flexibility to choose from a variety of lock options allows homeowners to tailor their security measures to specific needs and preferences.


  • Cost Considerations: Complete lock replacement, especially with advanced technology, can be expensive. Be mindful of both locksmith fees and the price of the new lock.
  • Installation Complexity: Upgrading to advanced lock systems may require professional installation, potentially increasing overall costs and inconvenience for homeowners.

When is Rekeying/Lock Change a Better Option? 

Rekeying remains a favored choice for both homeowners and businesses, primarily due to its inherent cost-effectiveness. This option proves particularly beneficial when a consistent lock theme is shared among your rooms, offering a streamlined approach to security management.

For instance, rekeying becomes a practical solution when keys, such as those for your entry door, are misplaced or lost. Moreover, when relocating or undergoing workplace transitions, the installation of new locks is instrumental in fortifying security, eliminating the risk of compromise.

However, instances may arise where the lock mechanism undergoes wear and tear, compelling the need for replacement. In such scenarios, weighing options between swapping it with similar keys or adopting proper maintenance becomes imperative.

By carefully navigating these considerations, a delicate balance is struck, ensuring not only practicality, enhanced security, but also optimal cost-effectiveness in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

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What to Do If Your Locks Are Going Bad? 

If the locks on your home doors or commercial property are becoming old and worn out, then getting them rekeyed or replaced by a certified locksmith is the best choice.

Ultimately, choosing between lock rekeying and replacement hinges on your specific needs and circumstances. Secure your decision by weighing the pros and cons discussed. Ready to enhance your home security?

At Alpha Locksmith & Security, we can provide you with all kinds of services. May it be lock replacement or lock rekeying, our locksmith can take care of it all for you. 

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