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Take a look at some of our professional locksmith services in Hoboken and choose the right one as per your requirement. 

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Master Key System

Now get a single key or a network of pre-configured keys to access one or multiple doors at your home or workplace. We provide a master key system to limit access of unwanted personnels to different areas.


Access Control System

Get top-of-the-line access control systems to make your homes and workplace free from traditional key door locks. Provide absolute convenience & ease of usability for home dwellers & employees alike.


Buzzer & Intercom System

Create a network of interconnected communication systems to enhance workplace productivity or increase accessibility at home with premium quality buzzers & intercom systems.


Car & Home Lockouts

Get a new brand lock installation service at your homes & workplace with our professionals. We provide complete lock installation & repair service in Hoboken NJ to deliver you the best experience.


Lock Installation & Repairs

Looking to install brand new locks at your home or workplace? Alpha Locksmith & Security can offer you complete lock installation & repair service in Hoboken whenever and wherever you need it.


Rekeying & Key Cutting

Are locks part of your home or office decor? Don’t wish to change the old ones with the new ones? Call our locksmiths in Hoboken NJ to perform lock rekeying. We also provide professional key-cutting services.

A Residential Locksmith for Every Home Lock Problem

Have you recently shifted home to a new location somewhere in Hoboken NJ? If you’re searching for a professional locksmith service to offer you the best home security, then our professional locksmith company can assist you by bringing premium quality residential locksmithing service to your doorstep. We are a full-scale locksmith company dealing in some of the top lock brands available in the market. We can install all kinds of traditional & modern locks at your premises making your property secure from all unwanted intruders breaking & entering in. If you don’t want to remove old locks from your home or workplace, then our certified locksmith can rekey old locks. We also perform professional key-cutting on demand. 

Dealing with a home lockout? Call now & get rescued. There’s no residential lock problem that we can’t solve. At Alpha Locksmith & Security, the right experts for locksmith services in Hoboken. 

Upgrade Workplace Security

By Hiring a Commercial Locksmith


Is Business Security a Concern? 

Having an effective security system in place at your commercial workplace is essential to ensure that your expensive gadgets and prized possessions remain safe and secure.

Installing the necessary measures is a key step to protect against external threats and keep intruders out, however this may not be enough – having an experienced security expert evaluate your premises and suggest the right lock types can make a difference.

At Alpha Locksmith, we provide commercial locksmiths with years of experience in installing a variety of lock types to upgrade your workplace security. We install locks of all kinds may it be modern lock systems, access control systems, traditional lock systems, security systems or something else.

Our teams can also install buzzer systems, intercoms, CCTVs, alarm systems, smart home lock setups & do much more. Now get top-of-the-line security for your office & retail stores with our professional locksmith company in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Want to upgrade your commercial workplace? Call our professionals now to upgrade your workplace security anywhere in Hoboken.

Get Automotive Locksmith to Unlock Any Automobile

Are you stranded in the middle of nowhere with a locked vehicle? Want to hire a certified locksmith to unlock your vehicle? We can easily unlock any car make and model without breaking a sweat. Our automobile locksmith can reprogram old car keys,  replace worn-out car keys, repair broken car locks and many other services related to automobile security. Give us a call for any automobile lock problem you have. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide reliable emergency locksmith service at competitive prices. Our certified locksmiths have the skills and knowledge to carry out any task without causing any distress. Are you experiencing an automobile lock problem & want to hire a locksmith in Hoboken?

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