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CCTV Installation in Hoboken NJ

Secure your workplace or retail location with premium quality CCTV cameras installed only by professional experts. Alpha Locksmith & Security offers full surveillance solutions in Hoboken.

Alpha Locksmith - Get Complete CCTV Installation in Hoboken NJ

Nowadays, shoplifting and theft has become a common problem. When retail store owners or business owners don’t take extra precautionary measures, they often find themselves becoming a victim of shoplifting incidents or burglary attempts. Are you a store owner or you have a retail business of your own? Are you concerned about the safety and security of your possessions? If you don’t want to let things go unnoticed, then Alpha Locksmith & Security can install the best CCTV security systems for you.


How Alpha Locksmith & Security Help with CCTV Installation?

With Alpha Locksmith & Security, our CCTV installation team offers you the best CCTV setups at your premises. Now, you can say goodbye to all the incidents causing you business loss & headaches. We install high-powered cameras that constantly survey your location keeping shoplifting incidents at bay. Just in case, if there’s a burglary attempt, your CCTV footage can provide you a chance to claim insurance. Additionally, if you’re concerned about other retail stores getting shoplifted in the Hoboken vicinity, the CCTV installations can further inform the authorities on the culprits.

Here are some of the surveillance setups which we can install for you in Hoboken, New Jersey.


Wireless security camera installations


Home alarm systems & CCTV installations


Business alarm systems & CCTV installations


Remote CCTV monitoring solutions


Smartphone compatible CCTV installations

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Our technicians are on standby to assist whenever needed

Why Choose Us for CCTV Installation in Hoboken NJ?

While there are plenty of CCTV installation services on the block, our professionals can offer you a great deal more than what your local locksmith has to give you. When it comes to installing CCTV cameras at your location, from start till end, we take care of it all for you.

Are you wondering why Alpha Locksmith & Security is the best option for you?

Low rates

We offer low rates when it comes to CCTV installation

No Contract

There’s no binding contract before we get into business

Trained Professionals

We provide highly trained professionals with a skilled hand

Professional Service

Our professional locksmith will arrive to solve your lock problems.

Emergency Assistance

We also have stand-by emergency teams for any assistance

We Provide Affordable CCTV Installation in Hoboken

When it comes to installing CCTV camera solutions, we all want the best of both worlds. We want top quality brands offering the best surveillance and we want them to be installed just at the right price. Alpha Locksmith & Security can provide you both. Our certified locksmith can provide CCTV camera installation service for all kinds of properties. We can provide premium quality CCTV camera products and the absolute comfort of getting the best CCTV installation service in Hoboken. 

When it comes to affordability for our clients & customers, we want them to know that we care about them. Want to hire the best surveillance in Hoboken NJ?


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