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Complete Door Buzzer System Installation in

Hoboken for Repairs

Are you planning to get a door buzzer system installed at your homes and offices? Alpha Locksmith & Security offers the best door buzzer system installation at affordable price in Hoboken. 


Concerned About Security? Get Door Buzzer System Installation in Hoboken

Door buzzer systems have become an essential part of everyone’s household. As a citizen of New Jersey, almost every one of us is concerned about the safety and security of our premises. With a door buzzer system in place, you can keep an eye out on who’s visiting you and whether they should be allowed to enter into your premises or not. It provides absolute convenience as you don’t have to go all the way to the main door to attend your guests. Today, many modern day door buzzer systems can automatically notify you when someone’s at the door.

Whether you’re in search of a residential or commercial door buzzer system, Alpha Locksmith & Security in Hoboken can provide you with just the perfect door buzzer system installation in Hoboken to match your exact requirements.

Choose the Right Door Buzzer System with Us

Our trusted locksmiths at Alpha Locksmith offer complete installation and repairs for door buzzer systems in Hoboken. We work with only top-quality door buzzer system products so when it comes to choosing one, we only make suggestions to meet your exact requirements. Can’t decide? Don’t worry! Our certified locksmith will help you choose the right door buzzer system so it doesn’t weigh heavy on the pockets. We handle all aspects of door buzzer system installation in Hoboken. May it be wiring or setting up the device, our certified locksmiths will take care of everything for you.

We not only install door buzzer systems but we can also make necessary repairs.


HD video


HQ Audio


Phone Monitering


Remote Control



Hire a Locksmith for Buzzer Systems You Can Trust

Are you planning to get a buzzer system installed at your premises in Hoboken, New Jersey? Hire the right locksmith professionals to help you. At Alpha Locksmith in Hoboken NJ, we care about your security more than anything else. It’s why we only find premium quality products for your homes & offices. Now hire licensed technicians for your buzzer system installation at a fair price. We provide convenient locksmiths to help you install your buzzer system. 


Rest assured all your security needs will easily be met with us.

Wired vs Wireless Door Buzzer Systems in Hoboken, New Jersey

Buzzer systems are available in two categories: Wired and wireless door buzzer systems in Hoboken. Based on what type of home buzzer system will work best, we will perform a brief comparison between the two.


Hard Wired Door Buzzer System

Also known as the commercial intercom system, the hard wired door buzzer is a very common buzzer system which is most commonly installed across multiple USA homes. They are relatively easier to install and require very less maintenance compared to a wireless system. With a wired buzzer system, you get:

Advanced wired systems can further be customized to provide added benefits such as calling up the doorman, additional camera viewing and even controlling light switches in the hallway.


Wireless Buzzer System Installations in

As the name suggests, wireless buzzer systems require a stable Internet connection to function. Such buzzer systems can be controlled using an app on your mobile phone or a dashboard on your laptop/desktop screens. You can transfer audio & video messages through your gadgets to the buzzer system. The only convenience of having a wireless buzzer system is that you can easily access the doors using your smartphone. It also allows you to monitor who’s entering or exiting your premises.

The only downside of getting a wireless system is frequent maintenance. However, when you hire Alpha Locksmith for installation of your home buzzer systems, then you can rest easy with your products.


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