5 Reasons Your Car Key Fob Is Not Working

Are you geared up for your road adventure, and you realize your key fob is not working even after a battery change? It sounds frustrating because the next thought comes; maybe I need to change my key fob. Key fob replacement is quite expensive, but no need to worry because, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the reasons your car key fob is working after a battery change. Once you know the reason, you can find your fix. Let’s dive in!

Car Key Fob Not Working Because of Worn Buttons

Maybe your car key is not working due to worn-out buttons. Key fob buttons use contacts to send signals to the circuit board. These contacts can wear down, which is why the key restricts operation. This could happen when you remove the plastic cover from the key fob during a battery change, and any of the contacts get exposed and gets damaged.


  • The button only works when it is pressed in a certain way.
  • One button works while the other doesn’t
  • You have to press the button hard and for a long time to operate.

There’s a Chance the Problem Lies with Your Car Locks 

If the key fob is not working even after the battery change, then the problem could be with the door locks. Check the car door to see if it is stuck in the locked position or if the latches need to get repaired. If there is any problem with the locks, they need to get repaired because it compromises your car’s security and functionality. You can call Alpha Locksmith & Security for quick locks repair.


  • Remote will open some door locks while others remain locked.
  • Door locks move without fully engaging or disengaging.
  • Doors do not get the lock and unlock with the key when inserted directly.

Deprogramming – It Flashes Car’s Computer Memory

Maybe your car key fob is not working due to key deprogramming. Deprogramming means when a car’s onboard computer has been instructed to remove all the existing keys from the access list. It can happen when buttons are pressed on the remote for a prolonged time. Certain arrangements of buttons pressing can send deprogramming signals to the car’s computer. Well, the solution is to call a locksmith, and he will reprogram your keyfob for you. In this scenario, you can rely on Alpha Locksmith & Security. We are experts in dealing with all locksmith situations, including key fob repair.


  • Your spare key fob is also not working
  • Your car has a self-reprogramming or deprogramming function.
  • The key fob suddenly stopped working.

Is Your Car Key Fob Damaged Due to Wear & Tear?

Your key fob can get damaged due to certain wear and tear. It can happen if the key fob falls down or you spill water on it, or due to rough usage. If the keys are damaged, there is no repairing. You have to change the entire remote. The cost of fob key replacement is a bit higher, but there is no other option.


  • Key is broken
  • Button is stuck
  • A spare key is working fine
  • Visible damage on a key fob

Has Your Car’s Electric Vehicle System Developed Problems?

In some cases, there could be damage to the vehicle’s electric system. Therefore, your key fob is not working even after a battery change. It can happen when the side panels or dashboard panels get removed, the wires are exposed, and they get potential damage. Other electric failure signs accompany, including lights not turning on, horn not working, car wiper not working, etc. This problem needs to get fixed by an auto mechanic as soon as possible.


  • The car is showing other symptoms of electric malfunctioning.
  • This problem originated after exposed wiring.

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Alpha Locksmith & Security | We Will Fix Your Key Fob With Precision

Experiencing issues with your car key fob after a battery change can be really frustrating, but understanding the common reasons behind these problems can make troubleshooting easier. We’ve explored the top five reasons why your car key fob might not work after a battery change. You cannot resolve the issues yourself. Therefore, it is a wise idea to hire Alpha Locksmith & Security to get your key fob fixed rather than changing the whole thing. They will diagnose and fix any underlying problems with expertise and precision.

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