What To Do If Locked Out Of The House

Getting locked out of your house is stressful. It happens most inconveniently, leaving you helpless outside your home. If you encounter such a situation, take a deep breath and relax. There are so many options you can try to get inside your home. 

Here are a few things you can do if you are locked out of the house:

Lockout Situation? What To Do

Check for Alternative Entrances

Before calling for help, check your home for an alternate entrance. Some windows might be left unlocked, or you may access your home from the roof.

You may find an unlocked door or window to go inside your home. Walk around the house to see any accessible entry points.

Call for Help

If you are still looking for an alternate entrance, call your friends or neighbors to help you. If any of your family members or a trusted friend has a spare key, call them to bring it.

If no one has a spare key, it is time to seek professional help.

Contact a Locksmith

If you don’t have any spare keys, contact a professional locksmith. An emergency locksmith will reach you no matter what time it is.

Some locksmiths provide 24/7  assistance. Their fully loaded vans have all the latest tools and equipment to provide necessary locksmith services.

These well-trained professionals will unlock your home and make a new pair of keys for you. 

Try DIY Methods

While waiting for the locksmith’s arrival, you can attempt DIY methods to unlock your door.

These methods include using a credit card to open the door or a coat holder to release the lock. It should be your last option because it may damage your door or lock.

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How To Prevent Future Lockouts

Keep Spare Keys Secure

You can hide a spare key in a secret place to prevent a future lockout. It could be in a plant pot, under the floor mat, or in a hidden secret spot.

You can also give your trusted friends or family an extra key.

Create a Routine

Establish a routine for checking your keys before leaving the house. Make it a habit to check your wallet to see whether you put your keys inside. Securely place them in a zipped pocket.

This simple routine checkup will save you from future troubles.

Get Duplicate Keys Made

Get a duplicate pair of home keys and put them in your bag or car. If you lost the original keys, you will have another pair to unlock your home. It is a lifesaver in an emergency.

Stay Informed

Stay informed about the locksmith services in your area, and keep their contact information handy. It’s always a good idea to have a plan if you find yourself locked out again. 

In addition to the steps mentioned above, consider if you have a spare key hidden securely outside your home, such as in a lockbox or with a trusted neighbor. Many homeowners use this as a backup plan for quick access.

By having a spare key stored safely, you can prevent the stress and inconvenience of future lockouts.

Ensure it’s in a discreet location known only to you and trusted individuals to ensure a smoother experience in potential future lockout situations.

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